For New Forest Pony & Mountain & Moorland Classes

  1. Ponies are shown unplaited, but may have lightly pulled manes and tails. The jaw line and heels may be trimmed, but the whiskers should be left untrimmed.
  2. Clipping, except for the legs, is allowed for ponies 4 years and over, in in-hand, ridden and working pony classes.
  3. No make up or false hair is allowed or any other falsification of markings.
  4. Yearlings should not be shown in bits. Stud Stallions 2 years and over may be shown in bridles with bits. Chifney bits are not allowed in any circumstances.
  5. Judges have been asked to take behaviour and temperament into account and not to judge ponies whose behaviour they consider to be a danger to either its handler/rider or other competitors. Such a pony will be asked to leave the ring.
  6. No commercial, stud, or pony names to be displayed in the ring.
  7. 2 year olds are permitted to be shown without a licence.