Wayland Cranberry Katric Capers Holly Prince Rupert Peveril Pickwick Oakley Jonathon III Brookside David
Peveril Pipette Priory Starlight VII
Peveril Petrina
Beechwood Mermaid Merrie Mariner Merrie Mistral
Newtown May
Lawnhill Christmas Rose -
Mockbeggar Merlin II
Holtwood First Light Burton Starlight Priory Starlight VII Goodenough
Barrow Glide-on
Burton Kitty Bright Spark
Meadend Meadowsweet
Dawn of Holtwood - -
Tess -
Esdaile Holly Berry Harry Bee of Danehurst Knightwood Crusader Knightwood Spitfire Brookside Spitfire
The Weirs Topsy
Knightwood Purewell Bonnie Brookside David
Purewell Maggie
Weirs Queenie's Good Luck Goodenough -
Queenie XVII -
Esdaile Molly Moorbridge Wise Boy Mockbeggar Solomon Mockbeggar Snipe
Broomy Snowflake
Moorbridge Lucky Broomy Slipon
Moorbridge Vicky
Alice of Esdaile Monkshorn Rocket -
Monkshorn Streamline
- -
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