Applewitch Pure Magic Peveril Peter Piper Queenswood Solomon Sweet Hills Tango Burton Starlight Priory Starlight VII
Burton Kitty
Sweet Hills May Day Newtown Dandy
Candy of Sweet Hills
Blue Gentian Cherry Pie Merrie Michael Merrie Mercury
Merrie Misty
Moorbridge Vicky Moorbridge Victory
Peveril Candy Phloss Bridgelea Candy Cane Knightwood Spitfire Brookside Victory
The Weirs Topsy
Leighclose Candytuft Goodenough
Barrow Glide-on
Peveril Pipette Priory Starlight VII -
Peveril Petrina -
Marydore Apple Appledore Bart Frank of Crabbswood Setley Springtime Deeracres Summertime
Seltley Poppets
Pussyfoot Slipper
Appledore Bridget Niggerstep of Bridgelea Merrie Mistrel
Jane Eyre -
Merrylegs Vii
Jemima of Marydore Furzey Lodge Victory Garth Woodpecker Garth Carlo
Garth Whimsy
Furzey Lodge Grey Mist Newtown Dandy
Furzeley Lodge Scar Face
Linda of Furzey Lodge Forest Horse -
Black Magic of Furzey Lodge Wootton Mischief
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